HackForum’s Site Promotion

Hello everyone thanks so much for watching.
I appreciate a “Like” and a comment.

Please note that I did leave out a lot of stuff about to the site, for the sake of the video size and team consumption. Such as user groups and titles and what not.
I briefly go over everything I am not looking for hate, just trying to show you an amazing site to education your experience online. You can even find ways to protect yourself.

I have met so many amazing and talented people on Hack Forums. Hell, I even found tons of a ways to make money online. I am just trying my best to give back to the community and be the best HQ member I can due to the fact that I have not been on HF a lot lately cause I been busy with school, basketball, and my girlfriend.

You can also get help removing virus’s, and it is forbidden to upload a virus to HackForums so everything is trusted to download. VirusTotal/ Sandboxie if you don’t believe me.

Just enjoy your stay at Hack Forums if you choose to join.


My username is “Stud” if you need to know anything.

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