How to Become a Manager or Get a Promotion

How to Become a Manager or Get a Promotion – – What is keeping you from playing a higher role, serving a higher purpose, becoming either a manager or the owner of your own company?

This topic is specifically about business however it is also applicable to life in general. Therefore, even if you are not currently in business, you still want to pay attention.

There are two specific reasons why people get stuck and are not able to play more than a small role in life, in work, in industry, etc. We want to identify those blockages and learn how to get past them.

I personally made the transition years ago, managing the doers instead of being one of them. It takes a shift in consciousness and it takes a shift in skill set.

How to Get a Promotion — Fixing a Lack of Self-Worth

The first thing that is keeping people from achieving more is their lack of self-worth. They do not truly believe, TO THEIR CORE, that they deserve the higher positions.

Because these positions are bringing higher pay, greater responsibility, or an improved lifestyle, it sparks a limiting belief inside saying: “I do not deserve it” or “I am not worth it”. This type of programming will always keep people stuck.

They would like to have the position, but deep inside they do not believe they DESERVE it.

Do you desire to play a higher role in society, to live a greater life? Do you want to show more of your passions and skills? Do you want to show what you can really bring to the world?

If you do, but you have negative beliefs of self-worth holding you back, there is a very simple way to get past it!

Write the words “You Deserve It” on your bathroom mirror. Every time you are in your bathroom, you should look yourself in the eye and read the words “You Deserve It”.

The purpose of that is not to work on your conscious mind. I know that consciously, you believe you deserve it. The problem is that the most detrimental beliefs are right there in your subconscious.

This technique will work directly on your sub-conscious programming to help break down this old program that is not serving you, keeping you stuck in the position, the place, the mindset that you are in right now. This is a very simple tip! However, it is also EXTREMELY powerful.
When a lack of self-worth is holding you back, acknowledging it is important on its own AND a way to get past it is this easy mirror-affirmation exercise!

How to Become a Manager — Obtain New Skills Sets

The second thing that holds people back from playing this higher role and expressing their true talents and true gift to the world, is that they do not understand the need of new skill sets!

When you are doing tasks, you use different skill sets than when you are managing the doers. When you are the EMPLOYEE of a company, you use and need different skills than when you are the EMPLOYER of the company!

A lot of people desire to have these greater roles, to serve this higher purpose, and to earn these higher incomes, but they do not understand that they need to learn how to do it. They think that, if they just put more time in, eventually someone comes with the magic “join-us-up-here stick” and they just bring you up.

But really you’ve got to go create this for yourself.

If you want to be a manager at your job or you want to open your own business, you need to learn excellent people-management skills. You need to learn excellent communication skills. AND you need to learn team-building skills.

If you want to become your own business owner, you need to go out and learn what it means to open a business. What is the difference between a business that fails and a business that succeeds? How can I boost up my business to ensure my success?

Business is not something that is taught to us. You have to go learn it.

This applies to everything in life! If you want to get things in your life to the next level, whether we’re talking about spirituality, relationships or anything else, you need to learn! You need to open yourself to new skill sets and new mindsets.

And finally, you’ve got to implement them in your life…

So, the two major things that are going to keep you stuck from going to that next level are always going to be the lack of self-worth and a lack of skills. Attack that in any area of your life and you can take yourself to the next level.

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